Hostetler Irrigation - Sarasota Irrigation Specialist - irrigation maintenance and repair information
Hostetler Irrigation Inc.
offers a wide range of services including:

1) Installation of complete sprinkler systems
both commercial and residential.
2) Monthly maintenance on existing systems.
3) Repairs and maintenance on an as needed basis.
4) Service and replacement of centrifical and submersible well pumps.
5) Well Installation.
6) Maintenance and repair of existing landscape lighting.
Regular sprinkler maintenance is the most requested service Hostetler Irrigation now offers. Sprinkler maintenance varies depending on the clients’ needs but some of the specific services included in our Monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly maintenance programs include:

1) Checking each sprinkler zone and making necessary adjustments to insure proper coverage of the landscape.
2) Clearing sprinkler heads of grass and dirt
3) Repairing broken or leaky heads.
4) Checking sprinkler timer settings to insure proper zone run times, compliance to county regulations, changing seasonal conditions, etc.
We service all brands of sprinkler systems. For new sprinkler systems and whenever possible, we use quality Hunter sprinkler products. We have found their products to be superior to the competition and also have appreciated their efforts to constantly improve and stand behind their products. The rotor sprinklers we use are commercial grade and our most popular pop-up is the 6" SRS head. However, we do also install 4" pop-ups, 12" pop-ups, bubblers, and other sprinkler heads depending on what is necessary to achieve the proper results.
Things to remember
Your sprinkler system should be your friend, not your enemy. It is important to inspect the system regularly as undetected small problems can lead to major problems. Also, it is to your advantage to have an educated technician look at your system. We have on numerous occasions been called in to repair systems where unlicensed workers have misdiagnosed the problem and spent hours repairing the wrong thing; or, have gotten the system even more messed up than before. By law, all irrigation installation and repairs are to be done by a licensed irrigation contractor. Hostetler Irrigation Inc., prides itself in doing professional work at reasonable prices and is always out to satisfy the customer!!